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Military Discount

At Rentwerx Austin, we are honored to support our military community by offering this exclusive discount. By choosing us as your property management partner, you'll receive professional and personalized services while enjoying the benefits of this special offer. Contact us today to learn more about our military discount and how we can assist you in managing your property. We look forward to serving you and providing the top-quality property management services you deserve.

*Discount only applies for direct family and Owners of the home being managed*

* Active Duty ID Card Required

1) Waive the $100 Set Up Fee
2) Waive the $300 Tenant Realtor Commission
3) 50% Discount on Matterport 3D

* Provide us a copy of your DD214

1) Waive the $100 Set Up Fee
2) 50% Discount on Matterport 3D