Austin Property Management Leasing Services

One Time Leasing Services

Who is this program for?

  • Landlords who want to manage the home themselves with direct interaction with the tenant
  • Landlords who need marketing and tenant screening services
  • Landlords who have already identified a tenant and need a professional lease agreement
  • Landlords who can perform their own rent collections
  • Landlords who are not sure if they want or need a management company

How much does this program cost?


Is there a leasing commission paid to other Realtors?

YES – RentWerx will cover the leasing commission out of the total payment of $1,500.00.

What do you do in this program?

  1. Assess the rental home and recommend a potential monthly asking price
  2. Market the home on the ABOR MLS and All of Our Websites
  3. Use HD Pictures and Video Marketing
  4. Install a Sign and Lockbox on the Home
  5. Collect and Screen Applications
  6. Present Applications to Owner for Review
  7. Draft and Execute a Lease Agreement
  8. Arrange for the tenant to move into the home
  9. Turnover all tenant funds and contacts to Owner

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What if I want Full Service Management later on?

We get this question a lot. In this program, the lease can be converted to one of our Full Service Management agreements at anytime. Any fees paid up to that point will be credited towards the owner.

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